Bill Poulos

Bill Poulos has been trading the markets since 1974. He’s a retired automotive executive who holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, and a Master’s degree in Business Administration, with a major in Finance. In his over 30 years of trading experience, Bill has developed dozens of trading systems and methods. In 2001, he formed

Todd Granthem

Todd Granthem has been involved in trading the financial markets since the 1990’s where he began trading as a college student. After practicing Podiatric Medicine for several years he decided to leave medicine and pursue a career as a Financial Advisor. When working for one of the big brokerage firms, he decided to start his

Roy R. Frank

Roy R. Frank went to Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan where he was an Investment Finance major. After graduating in 1987 he took a position as a financial planner and became a licensed stockbroker. He operated a successful financial planning business creating wealth for his clients helping them to meet their financial goals through

Norman Hallett

Norman Hallett is the co-founder and CEO of Subconscious Training Corporation (STC), headquartered in Parkland, Florida. STC develops state-of-the-art mental training programs, including The Disciplined Trader Mastery Kit. Over his career, Mr. Hallett has developed numerous successful startup companies, including the investment firm of Hallett Commodities, Inc., and the introducing broker operation, NCH Commodities, Inc.

Jim Scharman

Jim has been helping traders become successful for more than 20 years. He became interested in the markets and started trading while studying economics and finance in college. After school he joined a technical analysis software developer where he worked closely with equity and commodity traders to develop innovative trading systems. Jim then joined a

Dr. David Wilson

David is our resident precious metals expert. After graduating from Duke with his post graduate degree, he spent several years working on the London Bullion Market. He later moved back to the US he worked for several large banks as a gold and silver consultant. Most recently he’s broken away on his own and started

Gordon Scott, CMT

Gordon Scott has been an active investor for 11 years, has coached individuals for seven years, and been a professional teacher to every age group at some point in his career. He learned the art of investing from a personal coach, a former NASDAQ market maker, who taught him an insider’s perspective. From that experience