Trade In The Evening

Trading in the evening after the markets close, or "end-of-day" trading, is the sweet spot balancing your time and the potential profits you can earn. This is where we recommend most people trade.

On the time spectrum of trading, end-of-day trading, also known as "swing trading", falls somewhere in the middle:

This type of trading is very popular for those that want to be active in the markets but don’t want or have the time to monitor the markets during trading hours. By using technical analysis to look for markets with short-term price momentum, a swing trader will look to capture gains in a stock within a few days to a week or two at the most. Generally speaking, a swing trader is only interested in a market’s price trends and patterns.

When using swing trading you must act very quickly to capture the maximum profit potential in a relatively short time frame. Larger trading firms use larger size trades, and therefore do not use this method. Therefore, individual traders are able to exploit such short-term stock movements without having to compete with the major traders.

Unlike day trading, swing trading does not require you to monitor the markets during market hours and is therefore far less stressful. All analysis and order entry and trade management can be done at your leisure after the market closes for the day and before it opens the following day.

By using a good trading method that includes strong risk management rules as well as stop loss orders, you can leave your positions open overnight without worrying about what happens in the markets.

End-Of-Day Trading Resources

If you’re interested in more advanced training on end-of-day trading, we recommend you check out these programs:

  • Market Mastery — Our flagship stock trading program includes 4 unique methods for identifying ongoing profit potential in the best stocks on a shorter-term, end-of-day basis (1 to 3 weeks in duration).
  • Portfolio Prophet — Learn how to trade ETFs in your portfolio on an end-of-day basis where the goal is to go after longer-term trades (3 to 6 weeks in duration).
  • Options Income Engine — Learn how to buy monthly call and put options with our unique filtering capability that automatically finds both the safest stocks and ETFs as well as the best options to trade. Trades are 4 to 6 weeks in duration, on average.
  • Options Profit Mastery — If you want to truly master options trading, this is the most complete training program you’re likely to find. Just about every options strategy you’d ever need is covered, along with the ability to find the best trading candidates.
  • Instant Options Income — If the idea of having the potential to get an extra "paycheck" every Friday sounds appealing to you, this video advisory service will show you how it’s done by using credit spreads on weekly options. Trades are 1 week in duration.
  • Options Profit Accelerator — With this advisory service, our team of trading experts picks out their best monthly call and put options to trade each week. Trades are 2 to 4 weeks in duration, on average.
  • Real Wealth Income Generator — This program is all about going after profit potential in stocks and ETFs that are based on real assets, including gold, silver, and energies on an end-of-day basis using 3 separate trading methods. Trades are 1 to 3 weeks in duration.
  • Forex Profit Accelerator — This program reveals 4 separate methods for going after profit potential in the forex markets using a unique approach to trading these 24-hour markets on an end-of-day basis. Trades are 1 to 2 weeks in duration, on average.