How To Go After Triple-Digit Gains When Apple Announces Earnings On July 20th

Apple Earnings Announcement

Here is a simple trade that gives you the opportunity to go after triple-digit gains every time Apple (and other popular companies) announce their quarterly earnings.

Pictured here are the results from the last six times this strategy was used in the past year and a half. As you can see, it doesn’t always work.

But, when this strategy doesn’t work, you only sacrifice a small amount of capital. And when this strategy does work…well, the numbers speak for themselves.

I made this short video that shows you exactly how to copy this strategy AND the 10 best stocks to trade using this strategy.

*Note: It goes without saying that all trading carries risk of loss and never trade with money you can’t afford to lose.

Why Are You Still Making This
Profit-Killing Mistake?

Now that I’ve shown you how to hopefully make a profit when Apple announces their earnings, let me show you the #1 profit killing mistake you’re currently making, and how to fix it immediately.

Show me my profit-killing mistake now…

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