Did the Fed Just Kick-start a Bull Run?

Markets printed a massive green candle Wednesday after Fed Chairman Jerome Powell partially walked back his October 3rd statement, where he noted that interest rates were “far from neutral.” That stance has now been revised, with rates “remaining just below the broad range of estimates of the level that would be neutral for the economy.” And that tiny tweak was enough to send markets soaring and bears roaring in mortal agony. The Nasdaq was up almost 3%, the S&P was up 2.3%, and the Dow Jones shot up 617 points for a 2.5% gain. All in all, it was one heck of a rally after a brutal November. With the Fed out of the way for now, all eyes are have turned to Buenos Aires, where President Trump and his counterpart Xi Jinping of China will attempt to hash out a trade deal and push stocks into bullish territory for the year.

4 Events That Could Make or Break the Market in 2019

Bulls were peeking their heads out of their fox holes earlier this week as news of a potential trade deal between China and the U.S. (along with reports of a possible floor in place for crude oil) seem to have eased recession fears. That’s the good news, anyway. The bad news is U.S. stocks could quickly break to the downside if the events of the next few weeks turn ugly. At least four high-profile decisions will be made in December that will have significant impact on global markets in 2019. Depending on how those pan out, we could either see new highs for most indexes, or the end to the second-longest bull market in American history.

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Pot Stocks May Have Had Their "Bitcoin Moment"

It may be time to poach executives from other industries on the promise that they’ll come run some of Canada’s largest cannabis companies, because investors need some experienced leaders in this sector ASAP. Burnt crops, regulatory compliance issues, and infrastructure woes have led to disappointing sales numbers and growing concerns over the future of the cannabis industry, which has been frustrated time and again by a lack of experience and knowledge. But these concerns—as we’ll soon see—give a different kind of shareholder an opportunity to buy low and hold for when this new market gains its footing.

1 Indicator Used By Wealthy Traders

No matter what time frame you prefer to trade on or what asset class you trade in, you will eventually run across MACD, also known as the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence oscillator. MACD is one of the most widely used indicators that traders use to buy and sell equities, commodities, currencies (FOREX), and any other asset you can think of. It’s an essential tool for day traders, scalpers, and even long-term investors who’d like to get a little more technical. It can certainly seem intimidating at first, but once you understand exactly how MACD works it becomes a simple tool that can be leveraged by anyone who spends enough time with it.

Bitcoin "Flash Crash" Nothing To Worry About

A combination of bad news and grim tidings from analysts have sent Bitcoin beneath its “unbreakable” $6k support line, finally ending a stalemate between bulls and bears which has lasted the better part of the year. The move may have sent bulls spinning, but traders who’ve been waiting on the sidelines for a chance to finally own crypto assets could be in for some major discounted pricing in the weeks and months ahead.

Why Starbucks Layoffs Could Signal Big Gains

Starbucks has been on a rip-roaring bullish streak since its V-shaped low in July of this year. But news of impending corporate layoffs has left traders questioning whether to sell at these new highs or buy the pullback. Clearly, Starbucks could use a small correction, and the news of the layoffs may end up being what triggers it. However, it’s important for traders to understand the price action of the last six months, especially as it relates to Starbuck’s strategy in the U.S. and its growth position toward China.

Is This the Death of Big Tobacco?

Can’t live without your menthols? You may want to start stockpiling now. Tobacco companies with ties to the U.S. market were hit hard Monday and Tuesday as rumors of a federal-enforced ban on menthol cigarettes is said to be in the works. The news sent some big tobacco stocks plummeting 10% or more, and may leave a very un-menthol-like taste in investors' mouths if certain anti-tobacco trends continue.

The Chinese Housing Bubble Is Ready To Burst

China’s been playing a high-risk game with its housing markets for over a decade, which could have dire implications for Chinese homeowners—and the global economy—when the jig is up. Analysts have talked about China’s housing bubble in the past (ourselves included), and it’s hard to ignore the images of massive skyscrapers full of vacant apartment buildings littering Chinese cities. That said, the news out of Bloomberg this week of some 50 million vacant Chinese apartments is still shocking, and evidence that a reckoning is coming for the ruling Communist Party sooner rather than later. And this time, no amount of central bank fiddling is going to save them when it does.

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