The Crypto To Save Venezuela

The Venezuelan Bolivar has inflated to historic levels, leaving the Venezuelan people with no legitimate currency to purchase goods and surface. An unlikely hero has appeared in the South American country, however, that promises to save its citizens from their worthless government money.

Here Comes The Bitcoin ETF

Institutional investors (and their billions of dollars) are waiting on the sidelines, ready to jump in on the action when the crypto market finally reaches maturity. Thankfully, the Bitcoin ETF is going to make digital currencies grow up in a hurry.

Trump Kills Rival Economy - Who's Next?

After a verbal lashing from President Trump, who disposed of the Iranian nuclear deal, Iran’s economy has seemingly evaporated. On the flipside, it has bolstered the oil-producing Saudi Arabian economy, which only has grown stronger as the country has strengthened its ties with the United States. In doing so, Trump has shown that the U.S. can play both the role of executioner and kingmaker. The only question is, who’s next?

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How Bitcoin Will Bankrupt The World

Experts are predicting a meteoric rise for Bitcoin to close out the year, and by then it may be too late for “average joe” to get his piece of the pie. When Bitcoin surges to astronomical highs, it’s going to create a world of two types of people – those who have it, and those who do not.

2 Strategies That Every Trader Needs

With earnings season upon us, things are about to get pretty exciting for investors that are holding stocks long-term during earnings – something that can be extremely dangerous. For those of us that want to take a safer approach, there’s still a way to “play” earnings without risking a large position.

The End of Tesla?

Elon Musk has made some bold claims about his company’s ability to produce Model 3’s, but now that his self-imposed production deadline has passed, investors have reacted differently than he had hoped. Will Musk be able to make Tesla profitable, or will it remain a billionaire’s passion project? Let’s take a look.

Will Stock Buybacks Kill Your Portfolio?

With stock buybacks on the rise, armchair economists are happy to remind us that when done improperly, corporate stock repurchases can prime equities for a sharp fall. But due to the widespread success enjoyed by the market this year, buybacks are without a doubt an extremely smart choice for many companies – to the benefit of investors as well.

Facebook's Sneaky Bitcoin Play

Facebook just un-banned cryptocurrency related ads, suspiciously around the same time that Bitcoin started to recover from a yearly low. Is this just a coincidence, or part of a long-con that Zuckerberg had planned from the beginning?

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