5 Candlestick Patterns Every Trader Should Know

Ever since Japanese Candlesticks were introduced to the west, traders have been attempting to decode the markets based on a set of simple rules. Here are 5 easily identifiable candlestick patterns that have historically pre-empted market movements.

Did Trump Just Stop A Chinese Invasion?

As troublesome as President Trump’s tariff talk can be, his suggestion to ban Chinese investors from buying equity in U.S. tech firms seems to have rattled the cage even more than usual. But in doing so, he is preventing Chinese companies from stealing America’s greatest resource – intellectual property.

Time To Buy A Harley?

Newly created EU tariffs are expected to take a bite out of Harley Davidson’s (NYSE: HOG) bottom line in Europe, causing HOG share prices to drop sharply. But even though the road ahead may look rough, there could be a surprise opportunity for investors to get in on a legendary American brand for discount prices.

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Steal This 1 Stock

This 1 well-known stock has been an absolute rock-star over the last few years, yet it dropped suddenly – caused by talk of “trade wars” with China. While other investors are lamenting, you’ve got a shot to purchase this “portfolio hero” at an absolute steal.

The Easy Way To Trade Pot Stocks

By using a few simple indicators, you can easily trade in and out of a few leading pot stocks. The question is – are you going to wait until the industry takes off? Or will you do it at the perfect time, when these indicators are screaming “BUY!”

The Big Lie About Trump's Tariffs

Trump’s tariffs have been universally blasted by the media, but what they don’t know is his long-term plan to use the U.S. economy as a bargaining chip in world trade. A real trade wars is unlikely, but the threat of one serves to benefit the American economy greatly while simultaenously diminishing the Asian markets.

This Is Killing Your Portfolio

Trying to predict the market based on current events is an extremely tricky affair, but it can be downright frustrating when things go the opposite direction of where you expected. This 1 well-known stock has fallen victim to this recently, plunging downwards in the face of positive news – so what gives?

Big Banks Preparing To "Pull The Trigger" On Crypto...

Big institutional investors are getting ready to go in on crypto according to this 1 industry insider. Billions of dollars are about to pour into digital currencies, and sadly, most investors won’t even realize it’s happened before it’s too late. Let’s take a look at some of the “key indicators” you should be looking out for.

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