[Prediction] New Bitcoin High Coming

Economists around the world have been calling for the Bitcoin bubble to burst, happily comparing it to the infamous Tulip Mania from the Dutch Golden Age. But Bitcoin’s critics have been getting it wrong, practicing revisionist history to support their agenda that cryptocurrency is on the outs. The truth about Tulip Mania, however, reveals that not only is Bitcoin going to recover – a new all-time high might be on the horizon.

Will "Consensus 2018" Send Bitcoin To The Moon?

Bitcoin’s biggest conference is coming up, but is it going to be enough to send it soaring. It happened in years past, and crypto bulls are expecting it to happen again. However, a conference alone won’t be enough to get it done. Instead, look for this “under-the-radar” event that could supercharge digital currencies.

MIT To Kill Bitcoin?

An MIT editorial explained the different ways we could “destroy” Bitcoin, but is it even possible? After all, it’s the most popular cryptocurrency and commands the large majority of the market. Utter destruction seems highly unlikely, and I’d argue that Bitcoin’s destiny will take it in a vastly different direction.

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14 Cent Crypto To Take Down Bitcoin?

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Blame The News - Real or Fake

Investors are constantly exposed to a revolving carousel of news headlines, trying to demystify why the market does what it does – sometimes with stories that are intentionally misleading. Instead of being taken for a ride, you can make the choice to understand the real reason for the market’s movement.

A New World Currency?

Dissecting Christine Lagarde's, head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), recent seal-of-approval of cryptocurrency. In this article, Michael James examines her recent comments and interest in crypto, shared by many other leading financial authorities, and how this may be an indication of what could happen with cryptos in the future.

Finally...The Next Bitcoin

Missed out on Bitcoin's big blow up? That's okay because, in this article, Michael James dives into what could potentially be the next Bitcoin and future of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin On Track For New All-Time High

A deeper look at Bitcoin and why now is the best time to get into cryptocurrency. Also in this article, Michael James explores where the real opportunity is with cryptos.

R.I.P. Facebook?

With the recent Cambridge Analytica data breach, in this article, Bill Poulos reveals the consequences Facebook may face. He also examines the impact this had on Facebook's stock and whether there is any permanent damage to the company.

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