How Much Lower Will Oil Prices Drop?

Last week, WTI crude posted its longest losing streak in over 34 years, falling ten straight days in a row into a full-blown bear market. Not even the brutal 80% price drop in crude in 2008 had that many “down days” in a row. With some mixed signals coming out of technical indicators, attempting to identify a possible bottom for this most recent pullback is difficult – but not impossible, as long as you take a look at the bigger picture.

United States Economy Set For "Golden Age" Of Oil

If you agree with President Donald Trump’s handling of America’s energy resources, then it’s time to crack open an ice-cold diet coke and start celebrating. The U.S. is now outpacing the world’s top oil exporters in daily oil production—and that could be absolutely yuuuge. Under the patronage of President Trump, America’s oil and gas industries are now outproducing the likes of Russia and Saudi Arabia. In doing so, the country has upturned global convention, allowing the U.S. to enrich itself and better defend its interests, while leaving other countries with headaches and few options. What does U.S. energy dominance mean on a geopolitical level? While Russia, Saudi Arabia, and OPEC may come to mind as the biggest losers, it’s China that stands to lose the most from American energy dominance—something that could end up biting Xi Jinping in the rear.

Trump Saves Stock Market

The midterms have come and gone, and bullish investors around the world were relieved to see prices rise after what could have been a truly disastrous event. Each party now controls one half of Congress, and an uneasy balance has been restored to Washington – one that will likely result in a long list of scandals and investigations. Out of the ashes of a failed “Blue Wave” rises President Trump, who managed to not only bridge the gap between parties, but drove the market even higher following a well-timed press conference. Did he single-handedly save investors from a bottomless pit? Probably not, but he certainly left traders seeing green, at least for one day. Even card-carrying Democrat investors couldn’t possibly complain about that, right?

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This Just Made Walmart A "Must-Sell"

Tempers are flaring in American politics, and neither side will come out of the midterm elections feeling quite satisfied after splitting congress. Meanwhile, the market sits precariously on the edge of another plunge. But this one "surprise" online retailer (known more for their physical location mega-stores) could be primed to fall more than any other blue-chip stock now that key competitors in the space are starting to crank up the heat.

All-You-Can-Eat Riblets Save Applebee's

Trying to please everyone is how you go out of business. Just ask Applebee’s. Over the last few years Applebee’s and other casual dining restaurants have struggled with an identity crisis, as more and more Americans look for healthier food options with more natural ingredients. But as Applebee’s quickly discovered, companies that abandon their core markets do so at their own peril. We’ll look at how Applebee’s came back from the brink in just one short year, using the tactics of one of the world’s most successful companies as a guide.

U.S. Economy Smashes Estimates

Market bulls begging for a respite from last month’s equity meltdown may just be in luck, as fantastic employment numbers and wage growth news proves yet again the strength of America’s economy. It’s a testament to America’s capitalist ecosystem that the economy remains this robust despite significant rate hikes by the fed and slowing growth for world markets. A short-term rally could take U.S. stocks higher in the coming weeks. But renewed fears over FAANG—led on Friday by Apple—will continue to plague the market. Furthermore, it’s unclear whether the markets can recover from the technical damage they sustained during last month’s correction.

The "Hidden" Reason Investors Are Excited About This Stock

You don’t need a DeLorean time machine to know that self-driving cars have a bright future. The most recent Q3 earnings report from Alphabet, Inc. indicates that such a future could be closer than we think. Waymo—Alphabet’s self-driving car start-up—is still far from profitable, and little more than a curiosity for most traders. But it’s showing signs of life under the steady hand of company’s Early Rider Program, and it may be time for investors to start pricing in a future where Alphabet controls a significant portion of this exciting new industry.

Facebook Earnings Beat Actually A Miss

Tuesday’s Q3 earnings report was a mixed bag for shareholders. On one hand, earnings per share beat expectations. But the company missed expectations on daily and monthly active users, as there are indications these numbers have flatlined (and even declined) in the developed world. We’ll go through the details of the Q3 earnings report, then reveal the stress factors which could lead to more short- to midterm harm for Facebook shareholders.

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