Musk Attacks SEC In Tweet

Tesla CEO Elon Musk continues to poke the bear, slandering the SEC on Twitter repeatedly less than a week after he reached a settlement with the Commission over securities fraud allegations. Troubled investors, who grow more nervous by the day, pleaded with Musk to temper his stream of antagonistic tweets - until the settlement goes through, at the very least. But instead of backpedaling on his initial remarks, Musk has instead fueled the flames of controversy even more, reaffirming his stance that the SEC simply exists to help out TSLA short sellers. Will he eventually change his tune? Or will he force the SEC to push for stronger penalties? Either way, Tesla investors are in for a wild ride.

Have A Facebook Account? You Could Get $8,000

Facebook, who suffered one of the worst data breaches of all time in mid-September, allowed hackers to gain access to over 50 million user accounts after they failed to identify vulnerabilities in their platform code. A top British law firm and its head of group litigation who specialized in class action lawsuits, believes that affected users could be entitled to compensation as high as $8,000. Based on recent changes to digital regulations in the EU, it looks like Facebook could be in for a world of hurt - either from regulators or scorned users, and that certainly won't help share prices.

Tariffs Kill Stock Market?

The U.S./China tariffs are now in force, and according to the media, they've caused a major shift in market sentiment - causing a huge drop over the last trading session and priming equities for a crash. As exciting as that sounds, there's another scenario playing out here, that doesn't spell doom for American stocks, and it might just be what investors need to continue a sustained uptrend.

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1 Tech Stock Set To Surge

Despite being involved in a trade war with China, President Trump managed to find enough time to take on one of his oldest enemies - social media. Google, Facebook, and a handful of other companies are now being eyed for an antitrust investigation via executive order - something that will surely hurt share prices. But as stocks on these companies fluctuate amid the turmoil, one in particular stands out as a potentially huge winner in the long run.

Why You Shouldn't Care About China

Trump and China just can't get along, can they? Newly proposed tariffs are set to unravel the trade war, locking each side staunchly into their positions as they try to see who blinks first. If you've been reading the news, then you'd think that all of this tariff talk would have dire consequences for the American economy. Surprisingly though, the U.S. continues to get high marks - especially in the constantly rising stock market. Should American investors even be worried about the trade war? Maybe, but also maybe not - because if we've learned anything through this whole ordeal, it's that the U.S. markets are far too self-centered to let a foreign power get in their way.

Pot Stock Price Explodes, Halts Trading

Tilray, Inc. (NASDAQ: TLRY) surged in value over Wednesday's trading session, fluctuating wildly enough to have trading halted five times before the market closed. Analysts have tried to explain the rapid price hike different ways, but the real reason for the sudden burst may surprise you.

Stock Market Laughs At Chinese Tariffs

The Chinese just introduced a set of tariffs on American imports, but it looks like the U.S. markets don't care at all. In fact, in the face of these tariffs, the S&P 500 actually went up significantly. There's more to come from both sides of the trade war, but so far we've seen the U.S. with a clear advantage.

Why Pot Stocks Will Never Be The Same

Coca-Cola Co announced yesterday that its been in talks with Aurora Cannabis as part of a larger plan to bring marijuana-infused beverages to American consumers. Cannabis has always been closely related to THC, its psychoactive compound responsible for some mind-bending effects, but this other little known substance could ultimately prove to be even more important for the industry.

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