New Tariffs To Spark War With China

Trade war fires begin to flare, as President Trump unveils a set of new tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports. In response, China is willing to limit exports to the United States - something that could be very detrimental to the Chinese economy. Is China really willing to sacrifice its own prosperity to prove a point? Or will Trump's superior positioning eventually push negotiations forward? Based on what we've seen so far, it looks like one result is inevitable - but either choice will be a tough pill to swallow for the Chinese.

U.S. Official Announces Pot Stock Ban

U.S. customs policy has sent shockwaves through the marijuana industry, causing numerous "pot stocks" to drop after-hours. Is this the start of a major correction? Or is it a great opportunity for adventurous traders? Either way, the sector is primed for some major movement, and educated traders are ready to strike.

Google Leak Provokes Investor Backlash

A leaked video from an internal Google meeting has surfaced recently, in which Google's senior leadership plans out a way to eliminate conservative and pro-Trump content from search engine results following the 2016 presidential election. Shares dropped in price sharply after the video was initially leaked, but this could mark the beginning of a much longer period of turmoil for the company. However, there still may be opportunities for profit with GOOG, as long as you know where to look.

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How To Make Money In Any Market

Add him to the list! Hedge fund manager Ray Dalio joins several other billionaires in predicting a major financial collapse, as laid out in his newly published book, A Template for Understanding Debt Crises. Does his prediction hold any water? And if it does, what can we as investors do about it to protect ourselves? Thankfully, there's still a great way to survive (and even prosper) in any market, but it's not something that everyone knows about.

Is Tesla Ready To Rally?

Tesla's Model 3 is leading the American sales charts in the month of August for new sedans, and Elon Musk seems to have gotten his ego under control. Investors seem ready to pounce upon the Model 3's success, but even that may not be enough to guarantee continued growth for the controversial automaker - because the market could hold a different future for TSLA if a level of key support is broken.

Is Nike A "Must Buy"?

Nike, Inc. has placed itself smack-dab in the middle of a major American controversy. Share prices have fallen-off in what was initially seen as a bad business decision - but could there be more to the story here for investors? See why this temporary drop may present risk-tolerant traders with a unique opportunity.

3 Energy Stocks To Buy

Middle Eastern oil producers are being pressured by foreign competition since losing one of their biggest buyers, China. Many energy companies around the world could stand to benefit from this shift, but the biggest impact could be made in American shale. The market sentiment on U.S. oil is starting to change, and investors are taking notice. But will it be enough to dethrone the current Arabian kings?

Why You Shouldn't Buy Amazon

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) briefly hit $1 trillion in market cap in the early trading hours on Tuesday, September 4th, 2018. This was a big day for the mega-retailer, but does that mean that it's a good time to invest? Maybe, but if you decide to - make sure you know why many investors have chosen to steer clear of Amazon for the time being.

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