Stock Market Set For Crash?

The S&P 500 continues to climb as American equity growth plods along unchecked, even in these uncertain times that are marked by constant threats of an upcoming trade war. Analysts are prepping for the next big crash, but the crystal ball that shows us what lies ahead may be found in the history of Japan's troubled Nikkei 225 index. Does economic ruin await the stock market - or should we get ready for something else entirely?

Trump To Slash Capital Gains Tax

President Trump has potentially rocked the markets with an overly-candid interview, in which he says he's considering removing the U.S. from the World Trade Organization. This statement came just hours after he announced that he'd reveal a new set of China tariffs. But arguably the biggest bombshell of the report was his intent to slash capital gains taxes - something that could transform the stock market.

Why Gold Could Be A Portfolio "Must Have"

Gold prices have been on a long, slow decline - but it looks like the end may be in sight. A few key events, including a projected gold shortage, could mean that gold has finally found the bottom. According to some indicators that have been reliable in the past, gold may be looking like a portfolio necessity once again.

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Is Tesla A "Portfolio Killer"?

After weeks of drama, the dust may have finally settled on Elon Musk's tweet to take his company private. In a recent statement released by Tesla, it appears that they will remain publicly traded after all - but the question remains as to whether or not this will be good for the company's future, or if the damage has already been done.

Trump Tames Mexico

President Trump has finally broken through with Mexico, after a year of hemming and hawing, and has U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer almost at the finish line on a new NAFTA deal that seeks to level the playing field. Economists are worried about what effects the new agreement may have, and how Canada will react to being "pressured" into signing it. The real question, however, is whether or not this could be a boon for the surging stock market, which has enjoyed the longest bull run in its history.

SEC Rejects Bitcoin ETFs

Another set of Bitcoin ETF applications have been thrown in the trash by the SEC - but is this something to worry about? According to how investors reacted, it's "business as usual" for the markets, and that could be a great sign of things to come when the real Bitcoin ETF gets approved later this year.

1 Pot Stock That's "Too Dangerous" To Own

Canopy Growth Corp. is on the rise in a dramatic fashion after a large investment from a major company - but will it be enough to solve the company's revenue problems? The Marijuana sector is seemingly a few steps away from exploding yet again, but it may not be the best time to buy-in just yet.

The End of the Bull Run?

Former Trump associates Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen have made headlines for bad behavior, impacting several after-hours index ETFs negatively. Is this going to be enough to send the market spinning? Or will investors see through the smoke-screen preventing the market from reaching new highs? Either way, there may be a rocky road ahead until the hysteria blows over.

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