Tesla Missed Earnings... Who Cares!

Tesla posted yet another earnings miss in their most recent quarterly report, falling well below analyst estimates. This would normally spell doom and gloom for any ordinary stock, but Tesla seems to have shrugged it off without a care in the world. Is this miss going to bite TSLA investors down the road? Or, will it end up just being a small hitch on the road to profitability? From what we’ve seen, Elon Musk and company could be in for a real rollercoaster ride.

Warren Buffett Predicts Imminent Crash

With a red hot market making new highs day after day, many investors are left wondering when it’s all going to come crashing down. According to the “Buffett Indicator”, we may be in for a bit of a tumble, as it has reached a level that was last seen during the “Dot-com” Bubble. But even with Buffett’s favorite measuring stick signaling a drop, there may be reason to stay hopeful.

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NYSE Owner Takes Bitcoin Mainstream

Bitcoin may still be down on the year, but the owner of the NYSE wants to make BTC a mainstream currency through partnerships with Microsoft and Starbucks. And the whole process is getting started this year, with a little known company called Bakkt.

Trump Sinks Asian Markets

President Trump's war of words with China has caused major problems for the Asian markets over the last year, so why aren't things as bad in the United States? The S&P 500 has the yearly high in its sights once gain, but "tariff talk" may change how everything plays out.

FAANG Still Sharp After Losses

Several FAANG stocks (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google) have endured losses over the last few days, causing many investors to speculate whether or not a tech crash is coming. Even though it’s been a rough week, the tech sector still seems to have a bullish outlook – and here’s why…

The REAL Reason MoviePass Is Dead

MoviePass, the company that offered extremely cheap tickets to avid movie-goers, has crashed and burned spectacularly – right along with Helios & Matheson (NASDAQ: HMNY), its parent company. Things didn’t turn out as planned, and while the company was burning through cash at an alarming rate, they were really just following a business model that built one of the biggest corporations of all time.

Doomsday Prophet Predicts Next Big Crash

This so called “market doomsayer” has predicted another major imminent crash – but is he right? Let’s explore the big reason he thinks equities are headed for a nosedive, and why he might be wrong.

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