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Have A Plan

    One of the most important things we can have when we are trading is that of well-defined trading plan.  A well-defined set of rules needs to be used in order to know how to trade.  This trading plan needs should have two basic component – simplicity and specificity.  Keeping thing simple and specific makes our

    Watch Out Below

      This week with gold and silver we saw some of the biggest down moves we have experience in this market.  Anytime the market experiences extremes in moves we need to consider the issues with volatility.  This volatility in the metals market this week has also affected the stock, option, currency and futures market.  This is

      Divergence And What It Means For You

        Today we are going to discuss the topic of Divergences.  The first thing to look at is how we define a divergence.  A divergence simply means that two things are moving in opposite directions.  Take a look at the pictures below.

        On the left side the two lines are moving away from

        Where’s Gold Going?

          Over the past few days we have seen gold begin to move in a downward direction.  The chart below is a one hour chart of the XAUUSD which is our gold chart.  There are several things that we want to point out when looking at a chart like this.  Take a look at the numbered

          Defining The Trend

            Today we are going to spend some time talking about how we define the trend of the chart.  Regardless of the time frame we are looking at we need to be able to tell the direction that the price is moving.  The trend can be defined in terms of the long, intermediate and short time

            Deliberate vs. Non-Deliberate Markets

              Today we’re going to spend some time talking about deliberate trading markets. Whenever we are trading the ideal situation is to have a market that is deliberate in its movements.  A market that is deliberate becomes easier to identify proper entry points while non-deliberate markets become difficult to find proper entry points.  Regardless of the

              Trading The News

                Today I want to discuss some of the things that may occur when trading during times of news.  As you know news is something that happens every day.  It can be news that is scheduled to be released or something that happen without notice.  In either case we need to be prepared in case the

                Stock Trading Education Tip: Trade What You See

                  Today I want to discuss a  stock trading education concept (aslo works with ETFs, metals, and Forex) that many traders understand from a theoretical standpoint but often times have a hard time applying.  It is something that is affected by our trading psychology more than anything else.  This concept is – trading what we see. 

                  Gold & Silver Trading Consolidation

                    Today I want to discuss how we can use consolidations in the market to look for opportunities to buy or short gold ETFs and silver.  In fact, this can be used for any type of instruments that you may be trading.  It is based on the important concepts of that are used in trading –