The State of the Economy

    Lately the economic news that has been coming out of Washington has not exactly been stellar, though our economy does seem to be holding its own somehow. This has contributed to the stock market gyrating daily by a good amount. It seems as though it is very common these days for the market to make


    End-of-Day Forex Trading

      Most good charting software and trading platforms, provided by a good broker or bank, include the ability to plot daily bar charts where the daily bar “closes” at 5:00 p.m. EST. This time is selected because it is coincident with the New York session “close” and the Sydney “open”, which is a relatively quiet time


      Financial Goals for the New Year

        If you didn’t set your financial goals for 2015, before the end of 2014, you may be late in doing so. But even though the New Year has already begun, setting goals for the year as soon as possible is still a good idea. If you don’t, you may experience the old adage, “If you


        The Basics of Forex

          Unlike stocks and futures that trade through exchanges or the NASDAQ, Forex trading is done through market makers that include major banks as well as small to large brokerage firms located around the world who collectively make a market on a 24/7 basis. The Forex market is always “open” and is the largest financial network


          Buy-and-Hold Investing is Dead

            Buy-and-Hold investing may have worked decades ago, but I’m about to show you that it’s a losing strategy now and I believe it will never be a viable option again, at least not in our lifetimes.
            Look at this S&P 500 chart from 1991 through the end of 2001:

            For the first nine years


            Start 2015 with a Solid Risk Management Plan!

              Many traders get into trouble if they trade on emotions instead of rules. Just like you need rules to tell you when to enter and exit a trade, you need rules to limit your risk in your trades. In fact, trading without a risk management plan can lead to big losses and potentially ruin your


              How Do I Know Which ETFs to Buy?

                Like you do with stocks, you have at least a few broad choices to determine what ETFs to buy. You can use one of three: fundamental analysis, technical analysis, or a combination of the two.
                With fundamental analysis, you are trying to analyze economic factors, financial performance, competitive strengths and weaknesses, growth rates, threats to


                New Year Trading

                  Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you have taken some time to review your trading from this last year and are all ready to go for 2015. If not, it is still not too late to evaluate and make changes. As we enter into the first full week of trading, we still need to


                  What is an ETF?

                    ETF stands for Exchange Traded Fund. ETFs are a very exciting and fast-growing segment of the investment industry and appear destined to replace mutual funds as the preferred vehicle for fund investing. They have been available since the early ‘90s, but are now growing at a geometric rate as more and more investors and traders


                    Protectionism or Nationalism?

                      I like to think that I am somewhat of a true capitalist at heart, so I am a big fan of competition in the marketplace. All things being equal, whatever company, anywhere in the world, that can provide goods and services for the highest quality, at the best price, is the one that should prosper